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R&R Visual is the worldwide leader in sonar pipe profiling technologies. R&R has over a decade dedicated to the development of software that will provide customers with meaningful and useful report allow them to make educated decisions. Contact R&R Visual today to see how we can help in your large diameter pipeline inspection needs.

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Laser Pipe Profiling

Acquire Pipe Geometry Information With Superb Accuracy

R&R Visual offers a full range of laser pipe profiling services to assist engineer and pipe owners in making educated decisions about remediation based on pipe geometry information. Collecting over 1 million measurement every 4 minutes, laser profiling can give you a view of your pipeline like you have never seen before.

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R&R Visual is proud to be one of the only worldwide service providers of Deep Tunnel Inspection Services. Utilizing our custom design facility, our logistics team can create a inspection system that will exceed expectations. R&R Visual has a variety of systems currently being used by our technicians.

If you have a deep tunnel in your city, let us know. We will gladly fulfill all your inspection needs.

Stationary Monitoring Systems
R&R Visual has developed stationary, deep penetration single point inspection systems for deep tunnels. Some systems are designed for safe operations in Class 1, Division 1, Group C & D environments. Couple with a broadcast quality, pan & tilt, zoom camera and 2 million candle power of lighting, this system can inspect between 100 and 3000 feet down a tunnel wall from a single entry point. Other cameras, such as forward looking infrared, are available for deeper penetration into the tunnel. A very cost effective mean of spot checking tunnel conditions.

Robotic Transports
R&R Visual can also utilize robotic transports fitted with high resolution cameras and sensors to inspect deep tunnels. with the ability to change geometry to climb over obstacles and debris. This system can also be remotely controlled (tetherless) to a range of up to 1 miles. Other sensors such as sonar, ultrasonic range finders, and geophysical survey instruments can be added to the configuration to complement the inspection.

Manned Entry Systems
Handheld Camera System For Walking Pipelines and Tunnels - This camera is controlled by the operator in one of our mobile video studios while one of the operators walks through the pipeline. This is an exceptional method of collecting subsurface data when the feel of a person is needed. The camera is complimented with optical and digital zoom, auto focus, laser defect measurement and high intensity LED lighting. Distance of up to 1,640 feet from a single entry point can be achieved. Safety is of the upmost importance with this system. R&R Visual downhole personnel are in constant bi-direction 2-way communications with the operator in the studio. Even more, a Kevlar reinforced life line is constantly attached to the down hole personnel. High quality gas detector continuously monitor air quality to warn of any potential hazards.

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