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Sonar Pipe Profiling - Large Diameter Solutions

R&R Visual is the worldwide leader in sonar pipe profiling technologies. R&R has over a decade dedicated to the development of software that will provide customers with meaningful and useful report allow them to make educated decisions. Contact R&R Visual today to see how we can help in your large diameter pipeline inspection needs.

Inspect Pipelines From 10" to 240"
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Laser Pipe Profiling

Acquire Pipe Geometry Information With Superb Accuracy

R&R Visual offers a full range of laser pipe profiling services to assist engineer and pipe owners in making educated decisions about remediation based on pipe geometry information. Collecting over 1 million measurement every 4 minutes, laser profiling can give you a view of your pipeline like you have never seen before.

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PANORAMO SI - Manhole Inspection Services

Now the revolutionary PANORAMO technology for manhole inspections. PANORAMO SI provides a complete 360º view of the manhole after the inspection, similar to normal PANORAMO pipe segment files.

The 3D Optoscanner uses two high resolution digital cameras with specially designed distortion-free wide-angle lenses. These optically scan the entire interior of the manhole in a few seconds during a single vertical pass of the camera. The digitally transmitted image data can be viewed by the operator as if it were a live picture. The condition of the manhole is then assessed back in the office or directly on site using MACP standards.

Unlike a video film from a conventional pan and rotate camera which only shows the section of view saved at the time of filming, IBAK PANORAMO SI viewer software provides an all-round inspection of the manhole. The inspector can stop at any position in the manhole, do a 360° pan, zoom and take snapshots. Simultaneously, an unfolded view of the manhole can be generated. This gives a rapid overview of the condition of the structure and enables the user to measure objects on the manhole walls.

A complete MACP inspection can be peformed by R&R Visual operators.

The 3D point cloud allows us to measure nearly any feature in a manhole. The point cloud can be exported in DXF format for processing further in your favorite CAD program. Below you can see the virtual pan & tilt view, the unfolded view, and the 3D point cloud view.

SI Virtual Pan & Tilt View

PANORAMO Pipeline Inspection Services
Perhaps the greatest innovation in pipeline inspection technology in decades, the PANORAMO system is providing better data to engineers, reducing stress for operators, increasing productivity and changing the way we inspect our underground infrastructure.


The Digital Revolution
The revolutionary PANORAMO digital pipeline scanner will change the way you require pipelines to be inspected. With PANORAMO we can inspect more than twiceUnfolded View as much pipe per day, with increased image resolution that is six times over traditional CCTV. 

Performance is Key
PANORAMO is fast. Our operators collect data at a rate of 69 ft. per minute without needing to stop. All this adds up to a technology that increases our production, our safety, and dramatically enhances our deliverables to you.

Quality Engineering
At the core of the PANORAMO system are the wide angle (185º) twin digital cameras. These cameras are installed on the front and rear of the system and capture still imaPANORAMO 150ges as they move through the pipeline. Extremely powerful Xenon strobes and LEDs illuminate up to 120” pipelines, and the still pictures captured by the cameras produce high-resolution digital images that do not suffer from motion blur even at the highest inspection speeds. The PANORAMO system has very few moving parts, allowing for easier maintenance than that of traditional pan & tilt cameras.


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