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Sonar Pipe Profiling - Large Diameter Solutions

R&R Visual is the worldwide leader in sonar pipe profiling technologies. R&R has over a decade dedicated to the development of software that will provide customers with meaningful and useful report allow them to make educated decisions. Contact R&R Visual today to see how we can help in your large diameter pipeline inspection needs.

Inspect Pipelines From 10" to 240"
Generate 3D Models
Calculate Accurate Debris Volumes

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Laser Pipe Profiling

Acquire Pipe Geometry Information With Superb Accuracy

R&R Visual offers a full range of laser pipe profiling services to assist engineer and pipe owners in making educated decisions about remediation based on pipe geometry information. Collecting over 1 million measurement every 4 minutes, laser profiling can give you a view of your pipeline like you have never seen before.

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The New Industry Standard For Submerged Bores

R&R Visual, Inc. is proud to offer yet another revolutionary inspection service for the construction industry. Destine to change the way drilled shafts are inspected, sonar profiling gives the customer a full 360 degree view. Data is then compiled to provide a 3 dimensional view of the borehole or shaft in an easy to read report. With the elevated standards of R&R Visual, each inspection is carried through from start to finish, by a trained team of professionals. R&R Visual is sure to fulfill all your subsurface inspection needs.

Full 360 degree radial view
Checks verticality of shaft
Depths of up to 3000 feet
Detection up to 3mm accuracy
Profiling of 10" to 1800" diameter
Highly portable for remote setup
Very Fast, Scans in under 2 seconds
Entire inspection in less than 20 minutes
3D virtual reality model of shaft
3 dimensional reports in AutoCAD
Reports turnaround within 72 hours
Data available live on site
Ensure rock stability before concrete is poured
Acquire data prior to load testing
Worldwide Service - Quick Response

Drilled Shaft Sonar Caliper Testing Brochure

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