The sonar head must be submerged below water for the resonator to be active. As long as the head is submerged, profiles of the entire pipeline diameter can be gathered regardless of flow height. Profiles of pipe taken through air, will be exaggerated measurements due to the speed of sound through air, as compared to water.

The sonar resonator must be a minimum of 5 inches away from object it will profile. This determines the minimum pipe size of 10 inch, however 12 inch is recommended if debris or protrusions are thought to exist.

Defects recognition is based on whether sound can pass through the defect. If an open break, greater than 3mm in width, is present the sonar will locate this defect. However, if the break is not open or is cracked the sonar will not see this because sound will not pass through it. This same concept allows our operators to measure debris and sediment depth in pipeline and shafts.

The only known limitations of the sonar profiling unit is high concentrations of suspended solids in the water filling the pipelines. For example, paper pulp waste is too dense for the sonar signal to pass through and reflect off of the pipe walls.


R&R Visual makes every report package, for every service, user friendly, and easy to read. Sonar profiling opens many doors for reporting possibilities. With the unique aspect of acquiring data in a measurement format, profiles can be plotted in a three dimensional plane. Information about profile location will give us the X and Y coordinates, and the footage from the entry point gives us the Z coordinate. This method allows us to not only supply hard copy report, but also supply electronic reporting that can be opened in almost any computer aided design software. Opening the report in such software allows the customer to take additional measurements or view each profile independently.

R&R has also provided customer with customized reports to better suit their needs. For an inspection where debris and sediment location is the goal, we can supply a report showing the profile of the sediment for the entire lateral length. With the assistance of R&R Visualís computer programming department, we can generate nearly any report that you desire. All reports are supplied in a hard copy format, as well as on a CD-ROM in an electronic format. We support all popular computer formats available today.

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