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Sonar Pipe Profiling - Large Diameter Solutions

R&R Visual is the worldwide leader in sonar pipe profiling technologies. R&R has over a decade dedicated to the development of software that will provide customers with meaningful and useful report allow them to make educated decisions. Contact R&R Visual today to see how we can help in your large diameter pipeline inspection needs.

Inspect Pipelines From 10" to 240"
Generate 3D Models
Calculate Accurate Debris Volumes

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Laser Pipe Profiling

Acquire Pipe Geometry Information With Superb Accuracy

R&R Visual offers a full range of laser pipe profiling services to assist engineer and pipe owners in making educated decisions about remediation based on pipe geometry information. Collecting over 1 million measurement every 4 minutes, laser profiling can give you a view of your pipeline like you have never seen before.

R&R Visual Software Report Capabilites

WinCan Version 8
Pipelogix Flexidata
RapidView TV
Cleanflow Systems


Video Pipe Inspection
Sonar Pipe Inspection
Manhole Inspection
Laser Profiling
Pipe Grade / Inclination
Pipe Cleaning / Jetting
Drilled Shaft Caliper (SCT)
Pipe Caliper Inspection
EEx Pipe Inspections
Deep Tunnel Inspection
Smoke Testing
Specialty Inspections

R&R Visual, Inc. offers a wide array of specialize inspection services. Below is a list of unique specialty services that we have completed in the past. Some of these were custom solutions that required development of a new product to complete. If you do not see anything that meets your needs please contact us. Our logistics team will take every action possible to find a solution to your inspection needs. With our research and development department and our software development team, a solution is just a phone call away.

A few of the past projects completed by R&R Visual
Deep Tunnel Inspection
Loose Part Retrieval
Storage Cavern Inspection
Exhaust Shaft Inspection
Internal Machinery Inspection
Shear Tube Inspection
Toe Drain Inspection
By-Pass Tube Inspection
Levee Penetration Inspection
Overflow Tube Inspection
Heat Exchange Inspection
Water Well Inspection
Varmint Hole Monitoring
Salmon Spawn Monitoring
Root Growth Inspection & Monitoring
Historic Search & Recovery
Investigative Search & Recovery
Tank Wall Thickness Gauging
Pipe Wall Thickness Gauging
Rock Socket Inspections
Weld Inspection
Natural Gas Erosion Monitoring
Drilled Shaft Callipering
Dry Hole Callipering
Edge Drain Inspection
Pre-Construction Surveys
Salt Cavern Mapping
Robotic Contaminate Sampling
Remote Robotic Surveillance
Lagoon Bottom Profiling
Bridge Pillar Inspections
and the list goes on and on........

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