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R&R Visual is the worldwide leader in sonar pipe profiling technologies. R&R has over a decade dedicated to the development of software that will provide customers with meaningful and useful report allow them to make educated decisions. Contact R&R Visual today to see how we can help in your large diameter pipeline inspection needs.

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Laser Pipe Profiling

Acquire Pipe Geometry Information With Superb Accuracy

R&R Visual offers a full range of laser pipe profiling services to assist engineer and pipe owners in making educated decisions about remediation based on pipe geometry information. Collecting over 1 million measurement every 4 minutes, laser profiling can give you a view of your pipeline like you have never seen before.

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R&R Visual, Inc. offers a full line of standard video inspection services for a wide range of applications. Video cameras coupled with our robotic transports allow or specially trained operators to inspect areas that are physically too small or too dangerous for a human. All cameras are full color and produce broadcast quality images. Pipelines from 3/8 inch to 1200 inch and larger pipelines can be inspected using our services. Camera systems for pipeline 4 inch and larger are also available as explosion proof for added safety in all environments. R&R Visual utilizes some of the following instruments to perform video based inspection services:

Robotic Propelled Camera Systems

Small Steerable Robotic Tractor - 4" to 32" Diameter Pipelines. R&R Visual can inspect distance and pipe sizes never before thought possible. This robotic inspection system can also be coupled with a laser profiler for measuring pipe diameter as well as an inclinometer for measuring pipe grade.

Medium Steerable Robotic Tractor - 6" to 72" Diameter Pipelines. R&R Visual utilizes this work horse camera system to complete nearly 50% of its inspections. The features and benefits of this tractor allow us to provide our customers with high accuracy and detail inspections. Laser defect measurement, radio sonde transmitters, and pipe diameter measure are also built into this inspection robot. Optional laser profiling and grade inclination measurement is available with this systems.

Large Robotic Tractor System - 24" to 120" Diameter Pipelines. R&R Visual specializes in large bore pipeline inspection with a full tool box of inspection instruments for these pipelines. Our full color, always upright pan & tilt camera offer superior image quality that give our customers the most professional inspections available. Coupled with laser measurement, laser, profiling, inclinometers, and even sonar profilers, our operators can give you a tremendous amount of accurate information quickly.

Lateral Launch Robots - 6" to 48" Diameter Mainline / 3" to 6" Laterals -100 Ft. R&R Visual has one of the highest production rates of lateral launching in the industry. Now customers can benefit from the technology by inspecting house laterals or other tie-ins from the mainline without the need to enter the pipelines from the homes or yard cleanouts. It's a truely amazing camera system. Complimented with a launching pan & tilt camera, laser defect measurement, steerable launch camera, and radio transmitter.

Handheld Camera System For Walking Pipelines and Tunnels - This camera is controlled by the operator in one of our mobile video studios while one of the operators walks through the pipeline. This is an exceptional method of collecting subsurface data when the feel of a person is needed. The camera is complimented with optical and digital zoom, auto focus, laser defect measurement and high intensity LED lighting. Distance of up to 1,640 feet from a single entry point can be achieved. Safety is of the upmost importance with this system. R&R Visual downhole personnel are in constant bi-direction 2-way communications with the operator in the studio. Even more, a Kevlar reinforced life line is constantly attached to the down hole personnel. High quality gas detector continuously monitor air quality to warn of any potential hazards.

Above systems can be complimented with laser measurement, diameter measurement, full pan & tilt, always upright picture control, and complete extensive software and reporting packages.

Push Propelled Camera Systems

Steerable Pan & Tilt Push Camera - 4" to 8" diameter pipes up to 200 ft long. Our operators can complete navigate and map your pipe network using this unique inspection device. The camera's navigation stick can be positioned to direct the camera in tee's and riser pipes. Customers can now view pipeline that they never thought that they would see.

Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe Push Cameras - These cameras meet the demands of industrial applications where explosion proof is needed due to gases and fumes. Nearly all systems that R&R Visual utilizes is available as explosion proof.

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